Prairie Roots

Prairie Roots Front Cover Photo

I stare at the Saskatchewan landscape, mesmerized by a sense of space and feeling its impact on my whole being, this land where I was born, nurtured and raised. The view is endless, green fields of grain rolling into a flat horizon punctuated by clumps of farmstead trees and changing into a sky blending from the lightest blue at the horizon to a beautiful deep blue overhead. The rows of brilliant white cumulus clouds accentuate the blueness of the sky. A strange, melancholy feeling washes over me.


Prairie Roots is a sensitive and humorous story of Mike’s childhood during the 1940s on a farm in Saskatchewan. He describes the joys and sorrows of farm life in the natural wilderness of the prairies where the appreciation of wildlife and native plants went hand in hand with growing crops and raising farm animals. In all, a memorable appreciation for the unique beauty of our vast and hauntingly beautiful prairies.

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