Nukes on the 49th

Nukes on the 49th Cover

“A shot rang out and then a second. Gordon Granstien, the Prime Minister of Canada, moaned softly and fell heavily. There was a momentary stunned silence, then pandemonium. Above the din the Peace Tower clock struck high noon; it was the first of July, 2013.”         


Nukes on the 49th is a techno-thriller depicting a struggle of wills between American and Canadian political forces that eventually results in the Canadian Prime Minister deciding to develop nuclear weapons. Two American nuclear accidents on Canadian soil had pushed him over the edge.

Americans are appalled; they are paranoid about a nuclear power on their northern border, so close to major population and industrial centers. A majority of Canadians also disagree, but their reaction is tempered by their suspicion of American intentions towards Canada. The President focuses American resources, including the CIA, elements of its military and its public relations might, against Canada. The CIA conspires with anti-nuclear supporters in Canada to destroy the nuclear weapons program.

The reader will be captivated by the myriad of events and twists the story takes, including in the lives of those who influence the final outcome of this intense confrontation.

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