Born into a farming family in Saskatchewan, completed the RCAF pilot training program in 1955. Served for 37 years in numerous locations in Canada and abroad. Military highlights include flying as pilot in command for Queen Elizabeth in 1976, as well as for the Queen Mother, a number of Governors General including Georges Vanier, and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The two tours in Europe included service in Lahr, Germany and in Czechoslovakia, in the early 80’s as a Military Attaché behind the Iron Curtain. Last tour was as the Base Commander of CFB Edmonton. Appointed an Officer of the Order of Military Merit in 1982, the presentation made by the Governor General in Ottawa. Retired in 1987.

Following retirement managed the Langley airport for a few years, developed three acreage properties, and cultivated a passion for writing and photography.

Michael has written and released seven books. Prairie Roots was published in 2008 and Nukes on the 49th in 2010, both by Libros Libertad. Leaving a Contrail was published in 2011 by General Store Publishing House (GSPH). Four books are self-published. One of these is Ripples, a poetry and photography book. His poetry is also published elsewhere including in Spotlight, the Surrey Arts Council magazine. The poem, What is Surrey, was presented at a Surrey City Council meeting at the request of Mayor Diane Watts.

His current book, Invisible Shadows, is a story about the introduction and clashes of immigrant cultures in a prairie setting of the ’40s to the ’80s, and the influence of these cultures on a changing Canadian core culture. The setting is fictional; however, having lived it he is enjoying the journey again and relishes the freedom to create the characters in the story. The book is now seeking a publisher.

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