Photo of michael zrymiakWelcome to my site. It features my books, and includes a sample of my poetry, photos, and paintings. You can visit individual pages by clicking on the Menu items above.  I will update as new books are released or additions are made to the various pages.
One goal is to have my books available in ebook format, either here or linked to a publisher, or both.
My current book-in-progress is called Invisible Shadows. This is a story about clashes of immigrant cultures in a prairie setting in the middle of the 20th century and the influence of these cultures on a Canadian core culture. Although written as a fiction, it is based on people and experiences I encountered during my formative years. The search for a publisher is ongoing.

I am also collating all my poetry into a pocket book format and hope to have it released within the year. The book will be titled I am Soul,  a change from the initial choice of Here and Beyond.

Please click on any book in the Menu above for additional details including a brief description and ordering details. As well, you can order books by contacting me at mmzrymiak@hotmail.com.

Prairie Roots Front Cover Photo               Leaving a Contrail Cover